Saturday, June 11, 2011

Boeken Vlucht

Boeken Vlucht is an educational film for kids. The idea is to show them that reading can be the same fun as computer games and movies. We tried to make it simple, easily-comprehensible and exciting at the same time.

Boeken Vlucht, Escaping through books from Anna Bing on Vimeo.

Our one and the only actor starring in the film Liam Fundingsland enjoyed both filming and presenting it to the audience. He even had to sign quite an amount of autographs.

Above all the positive feedback that the films received, we were pleasantly surprised when the coordinator of the project told us that instead of one location, our films will be screening in four different locations in Amsterdam and it will last the entire summer until September 10!

However, filming this tiny, lovely movie didn't end up without a police scrutiny. The policeman appeared in the middle of shooting the detective scene. Apparently the house that we had chosen for location, belonged to one of the Embassies... Fortunately the policeman left only after us and we went to eat ice-cream instead of spending some time in the police department.


Andy Pandy said...

Outstanding, red leaders, outstanding!
This little baby is launched and there's no turning back!
Your energy and commitment shines out of every scene and you deserve all the success you get!

Anna Bing said...

Andrew we came to this only thanks to you! and we are extremely grateful for everything you did (and are still doing) for us! thank you very much!