Friday, June 10, 2011

Museum Amsterdam Noord Screening Our Short Films

Today is a very important day for us. First of all I'm writing my very first post on our new blog, and even more exciting - Museum Amsterdam Noord presents our very first jointly created films! Isn't iti amazing?

As soon as we decided to start filming together, projects just started to flow from all directions. The first project that we tool on was the one I'm writing about right now. In collaboration with Univesiteit van Amsterdam (Amsterdam University) culture study students, artist Machteld Aardse and with the greatest support of our nativeWebster University Leiden we managed to accomplish this very lovely project. It is called Siberie of Eden - Literair Ontsnappen in Amsterdam-Noord, which in English will sound like Siberia or Eden - Literature Escapism in Amstedam North. Amsterdam North is one of the oldest and historic parts of the city, which by our Dutch friends has been described as "the place still keeping genuine historic face and character of Amsterdam." We have in mind to dig A'dam Noord as a whole with our camera and there is a chance that you'll see more about the place soon in our blog. Meanwhile, here is the link of the Noord Museum and have a look, they have pretty interesting stuff to offer:

So what about our shorts? This remains a bit of a secret for the moment, but only until tomorrow morning. I can't really wait to upload them and show to everybody, but you know presentation is the sacred thing! Those people who are going to attend the opening will have the priviledge to see them! (okay, I'm exaggerating a bit... :) ) However, I promise to present it on the blog as soon as possible. More about the videos and the stories of the shooting, editing and all our adventures are coming in the next posts.

By the way, the films will keep rolling in Amstedam Noord Museum until September 10.

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