Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wedding - Volume 2 - Photography!

I don't remember if I've ever mentioned that we are filming only videos and are not into photography at all! Or did I? Not really. We are very much into photography and we are going to show you some of our photo works by all means. But now, this post is to update our wedding experience. I would never feel happy in my life, if I had missed the opportunity to publish this photos that we managed to take at Raymond&Mirella's wedding (see our video here).

As Anna&BInG were busy filming the wedding, we teamed up with our another best friend, the best photographer and visual artist Robin De Goede to photograph the couple. Robin made some 4 digit number of photos, but we are sharing only couple of them. Actually they are quite sneak peaks, because the couple hasn't seen all the pictures yet. That's all my fault, I couldn't wait, blame only me friends!

But aren't they utterly awesome?

So we deliver the full wedding video and photography package from on! How about this?

Very important P.S. The photo that we have placed as a header is photographed by BInG, the idea of the header, design and accomplishment belongs to Anna. So here we already showed our first photo work too. Oh, how quick and smart! 

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